Suntheanine vs. OTC sleep aids: Tampa radio listeners learn how to get better quality sleep

If you think that over-the-counter (OTC) sedatives are safe because they don’t require a prescription, award-winning pharmacist Sherry Torkos has news for you. “The active ingredients in most of the over-the-counter sleep aids are antihistamines,” Torkos said on Senior Voice America’s Health, Wealth & Wisdom Radio. Antihistamines can worsen dry eyes and mouth. These are already common issues for people over age 50, many of whom have trouble sleeping. A safer option to reduce stress and improve sleep is Suntheanine. “This is an amino acid that makes you feel more calm, more relaxed. It improves sleep quality, but it’s not addictive and has none of the side effects typically associated with the OTC options,” Torkos said. A patented form of L-theanine, Suntheanine enables you to be both more focused during the day and relaxed in the evenings. It can be purchased on its own or as an ingredient in other products, including sleep formulas and chewable tablets, at health food stores and pharmacies. “If you’re having trouble sleeping on a regular basis, you have to look at what the underlying cause is,” Torkos added. You may need to start “avoiding caffeine later in the day, making your bedroom dark and quiet … [and] trying meditation, yoga [and] deep breathing exercises.”

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