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Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic

April 3, 2023

“Stress is the number one, North America-wide silent killer,” states Bryce Wylde, DHMHS,  functional medicine clinician, CSO and founder of Mymmunity, co-founder of Youtrients: The DNA Co., author and TV host. “We need to crack the code on it, and it’s not about … meditating like a Buddhist monk.” How can you get on the cutting edge of relaxation? 

Wylde, who has been in clinical practice for more than 20 years, participated in a webinar called The Suntheanine Solution, co-sponsored by Taiyo and Nutriscience. He introduces viewers to the concept of healthspan. “It’s not so much about the number of years you live on this planet. It’s about living your best life in optimal health.” 

What’s holding you back from feeling more calm and focused? 

While your genes may influence your predisposition to such things as stress and an inability to focus — and you can’t change your DNA — Wylde says you can better manage genetic expression through diet, lifestyle and supplementation. 

We’re also deeply influenced by our environment, including work hours as well as a loss of social relationships and a connection with nature. All of these can impact the body’s production of neurotransmitters that influence mood and stress levels. 

The favorable advantages of Suntheanine 

On reviewing some of the scientific literature, Wylde states the advantages of Suntheanine include its ability to increase dopamine, manage or mitigate adrenaline and noradrenaline, and upregulate GABA. All of which means Suntheanine helps to manage the sympathetic (flight-or-flight) response and help you spend more time in a calmer, more focused parasympathetic state. 

“Life will continue to be stressful. We have to learn to manage this stress better. Suntheanine can help us do that.”

Wylde stresses: “A lot of the other L-theanine products probably aren’t doing what we’re seeing Suntheanine do, which is to enhance alpha (brain) waves so as to achieve that speed of recovery from stress and to improve focus, attention, alertness, concentration and relaxation without causing sedation. We want more of this in life!”

What is optimal sleep and how does Suntheanine help achieve it? 

Sleep is very important for detoxifying the body and managing inflammation, as well as supporting healthy immune function. 

“Optimal sleep is not just the hours of sleep clocked on your pillow,” says Wylde. “It’s doing what we can to maximize sleep architecture on all levels.” Optimal sleep starts with the right amount of alpha brain wave activity. For those individuals who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, Wylde says he always prescribes Suntheanine. 

The caffeine/Suntheanine connection 

Wylde tells viewers that caffeine is better with Suntheanine because it, “seems to counteract the negative effects of caffeine. I always recommend that heavy coffee drinkers supplement their caffeine or coffee consumption using Suntheanine.” 

Mindfulness is better with Suntheanine 

“When we meditate, we’re trying to quiet the mind and stay focused. That’s alpha waves,” he explains. Scientific literature says our ability to stay calm and focused may be enhanced significantly by adding Suntheanine about 30 to 60 minutes before starting a stress-reducing activity such as meditation. 

Heart/brain signals and Suntheanine  

While much is being learned about the signals going between the gut and brain, Wylde reveals there are also signals going from the heart to the brain. “By taking Suntheanine, what we’re actually doing is affecting the ability to transition from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state.”  

Breath work is better with Suntheanine 

Wylde reveals a simple 4-4-4 breathing technique to help you relax, at any time, any place. “If you expect to feel stressed, such as an anticipated upcoming stressful meeting at work, you can augment the ability for your body to switch from a sympathetic to parasympathetic state by taking some Suntheanine 30 minutes prior to the stressful event.” He adds that Suntheanine also enhances the calming effects of immersing yourself in ice cold water or relaxing in a sauna/steam room. 

How much Suntheanine should you take? 

Wylde closes his portion of the webinar by revealing the therapeutic range for Suntheanine — and the dosage he takes himself — is 200mg, once or twice a day. “That range is going to get you that sharper mind, focus, attention, alertness and concentration, all while having more of a state of relaxation, better sleep and overall less stress.”  

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Bryce Wylde is a leading alternative health expert, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

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