Three new ways to rescue yourself from stress

You know stress isn’t good for your health. Here are some inventive ways to do something about it!

Under pressure? Feeling anxious? Worry and tension can give you headaches, rob you of a good night’s sleep and impair your immune system. Any way you look at it, stress can make you sick. Help has arrived!

Top medical doctors and pharmacists agree that some of this year’s best new stress relievers don’t contain alcohol and you don’t need a prescription. You can achieve a calm focus without feeling medicated. The products hitting the market this year even have surprising benefits such as fresh breath.

The most exciting are made with Suntheanine: Mindful Mints, Pure Focus powdered drink mix, Tomorrow’s Nutrition supplements. Start feeling relaxed in as little as 30-40 minutes! The benefits have been shown to last more than six hours.

Suntheanine is the trade name for Taiyo’s patented pure form of L-theanine. Suntheanine is not an extract of green tea, but rather is produced via a patented enzymatic process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves, resulting in a 100% pure L-isomer-theanine. Research has demonstrated it induces relaxation, and improves focus and concentration, without drowsiness. This relaxation effect is caused by Suntheanine’s ability to balance out our brain waves, and help us reach a state often achieved by meditation: one of deep relaxation and mental alertness.

See for stress-reducing tips and for a list of other products made with Suntheanine.

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