Minimize stress -Houston radio listeners get advice on supplements

Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos told Houston radio listeners that Suntheanine and B-vitamins are both helpful, non-pharmaceutical ways to minimize stress. During an interview on 94.1 Lite FM, the co-author of Saving Women’s Hearts explained that Suntheanine, an ingredient available in a variety of products, is neither a tranquilizer nor a sedative but rather it is an amino acid that promotes alert relaxation without impacting memory or causing next-day drowsiness. Torkos cited research demonstrating that Suntheanine may improve sleep quality, help people focus and even be beneficial for boys diagnosed with ADHD. For adults, Torkos says: “I would recommend anywhere from 100 – 200 mgs, and to take it about 30 minutes or so before bed. Or just 100 mgs during the day as needed for relaxation.”

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