April is Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

Book by Dr. Orman offers ways to deal with stress.

Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Ah, that’s much better, isn’t it? April is Stress Awareness Month, the 22nd year for a national effort to inform people about the dangers of stress and productive ways to deal with stress. Initiated by Dr. Morton C. Orman of The Health Resources Network, Stress Awareness Month is a time for health and wellness experts around the country to encourage awareness and knowledge of productive ways to help alleviate what has been termed a national stress epidemic.

As quoted in The Salt Lake Tribune, Dr. Orman recently said, “Even though we’ve learned a lot about stress in the past 20 years, we’ve got a long ways to go.”

Dr. Orman offers his observations and suggestions in a free publication, “4 Books on Stress that can Transform Your Life.”

According to the Federal Occupational Health Agency of the U.S. Department of Human Resources, understanding stress is critical to your health: Stress does not merely afflict your mind; it can also affect you on a cellular level. In fact, long-term stress can lead to a wide range of illnesses – from headaches to stomach disorders to depression – and can even increase the risk of serious conditions like stroke and heart disease. Understanding the mind/stress/health connection can help you better manage stress and improve your health and well-being.”

 The Federal Occupational Health Agency, which provides occupational heath and wellness services to Federal employees, recommends several ways to relax and recharge, including taking a walk, yoga, spending time with a loved one, and drinking tea.

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