Pharmacist explains why Suntheanine may help better sleep

If you’re over age 65, take multiple medications and/or you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as heart disease or diabetes, here’s why you may want to avoid some over-the-counter medications. Appearing on the nationally syndicated Dr. Steve Show, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos, co-author of Saving Women’s Hearts, explained that many of these products can have unwanted side effects including increasing blood pressure and heart rate. She elaborated that the active ingredients in many sleep products are often antihistamines. “That can cause dry eyes, dry nose [and] dry mouth. They can also interact with some medications that you take for your heart.” Instead, Torkos suggested melatonin for people who do shift work or are suffering from jet lag. For those who need more restful and better sleep, she recommended supplements containing the amino acid Suntheanine. “It helps to make you feel more calm, more relaxed,” Torkos stated. It also helps you get “better quality sleep without waking up the next day feeling drowsy or groggy or having any issues with your memory.”

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