Pharmacist appearing on Winnipeg’s CTV talks quality sleep

If your racing mind is keeping you awake at night, your medicine cabinet may already have what you need to get some rest. Appearing on Winnipeg’s CTV News, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos says Suntheanine can calm your mind. The author of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine said this clinically tested remedy can help you reduce stress and improve sleep quality without making you groggy the next day.

The Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention reports that insufficient sleep is a health epidemic. Most of us just don’t get enough. “It’s an issue for a lot of us,” said Torkos, “not being able to relax our minds and get good quality sleep at night. There are some alternative remedies that can help improve your quality of sleep without causing next day hangover or drowsiness.”

There are a number of remedies that can help manage the underlying cause of a symptom and help restore the body’s natural balance without harsh chemicals. “This is called Suntheanine,” said Torkos. “It’s a clinically studied form of an amino acid called L-theanine. It makes you feel calm, relaxed. It takes the edge off that stress. But again, it has no next-day drowsiness. It’s non-addictive.” Some traditional sleep-aid medications have side effects such as prolonged drowsiness, changes in appetite or dry mouth. While useful in the short term, they may be addictive.

Torkos explained that Suntheanine has benefits beyond promoting restful sleep. “There’s been research that shows it can also help people under stress who get a rise in their blood pressure,” she said. “It can help keep their blood pressure stabilized rather than getting that peak.”

Suntheanine helps you harness your full potential by normalizing your brain chemistry. The result is an improved ability to relax. It may also improve your ability to concentrate and help you feel more fully balanced.

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