Nutritional biochemist tells Fox news anti-stress recommendations containing Suntheanine

“One of my favorite anti-stress recommendations is green tea,” claimed nutritional biochemist Dr. Shawn Talbott during a Boston Fox 25 segment focused on minimizing holiday stress. While green tea is rich in the amino acid L-theanine, the brewing process is not conducive for someone in a hurry. An on-the-go alternative is products containing Suntheanine, a 100 percent pure form of L-theanine produced by an enzymatic process. This amino acid supports alpha brain wave production, which promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality without next day grogginess or impaired mental focus. Talbott said that he takes Suntheanine preventively each day. It is available at most vitamin stores, along with ginger, turmeric, pine and magnolia bark supplements that may also help to counter life’s stresses.

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