Radio listeners across the U.S. hear why Suntheanine may break moms’ stress cycles

Stress causes many moms to lose sleep. Nationally syndicated MomTalk Radio’s host Maria Bailey interviewed nutritional biochemist Dr. Shawn Talbott for his advice. He explained that stress and lack of sleep follow a predictable pattern: After feeling fatigued all day, moms expect to pass out when their heads touch the pillow. Instead, restlessness and chronic stress keep the mind running, and make falling asleep nearly impossible. “One thing that would be great for people,” Talbott said, “is something like green tea, which has a little bit of caffeine, but also has this amino acid called L-theanine.” By stimulating alpha brain wave production, L-theanine promotes relaxation. Talbott encouraged people who are avoiding caffeine (or the taste of green tea) to try supplementing with Suntheanine, the patented form of L-theanine produced via an enzymatic process. Suntheanine “helps you relax enough so you can get a good, sound night of sleep.”

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