ABC TV segment features tips on how to de-stress in just 30 minutes

ABC TV segment features tips on how to de-stress in just 30 minutes

It’s hard to relax and get some sleep when your mind is racing. While there are over-the-counter medications that may help, they can sometimes leave you feeling unwell and foggy the next day. Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos offered Portland’s AM Northwest viewers a better way to de-stress and get some needed rest. She said Suntheanine is an amino acid that helps you feel more calm and relaxed, and it works in about 30 minutes.

Sometimes, a change in schedule can get your sleep-cycle off balance. “If you are still feeling the effects of Daylight Savings Time, which some people are,” Torkos said, “you may want to look for a melatonin supplement. It’s a hormone that your body naturally secretes in response to darkness. If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, or you’re waking up throughout the night, that may be a solution to try.” Melatonin should be taken half an hour to one hour before going to sleep.

Other times, sleep eludes you because your mind is going a million miles a minute. “Stress is a big issue for so many people these days, busy minds. If you can’t relax and can’t calm down before bedtime, then look for this amino acid called Suntheanine,” said Torkos. “It makes you feel more calm and more relaxed. It’s non-addictive, and if you take this, it doesn’t cause that next-day grogginess.” Some over-the-counter sleep aids may cause a hangover effect the next day.

Stress in an inherent part of life. “I have to confess to the fact that I use Suntheanine myself when I have moments of stress, and I need to calm down,” revealed Torkos. “I also don’t want to be drugged or feel groggy.” Having Suntheanine in your medicine cabinet can help you make it through life’s anxious moments. “It works in about 30 minutes to make you feel calmer and more relaxed,” said Torkos. “The other very interesting thing is, it helps to improve mental focus, clarity and concentration. So, this is great.”

Suntheanine is available at health food stores and select online retailers including Tomorrow’s Nutrition and Natural Factors.