Dust off the mental clutter: Get more energy and improved focus.

Dust off the mental clutter: Get more energy and improved focus.

Energy is a life force, and we all want more of it so that we can improve our productivity. In this video clip, Bryce Wylde, alternative health Expert and medical advisor on The Dr. Oz Show, explains why many of us are energy deficient, and cautions that we should limit our caffeine intake. Instead, for more energy and improved focus, he suggests looking for products made with Suntheanine, which also makes you alert, and returns you to “a more balanced and clearer you.”

We must re-define “energy”

We need more energy than ever, just to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Wylde says, “A calm, focused and alert attention is the type of energy we all desire. We want energy that makes us more efficient, not frazzled and distracted.”

Wylde cautions that the sugar and caffeine in energy drinks may offer a quick fix, but those are stimulants. They aren’t true or complete energy. “Sure, caffeine gives you a jolt first thing in the morning. But not the long-lasting effect that we truly need.”

While a moderate amount of caffeine is okay, Wylde advises that consuming more than that can cause heartburn, trouble falling asleep, anxiety and panic attacks. In the long term, too much caffeine may impair learning and memory. He also warns that caffeine has many of the same addictive properties as morphine, heroin or even cocaine.

When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands respond by pumping out adrenaline. This makes you feel more alert, stronger and even more productive for the short term. To balance you out, your body creates noradrenaline, the happy hormone. “After abusing any kind of stimulants for too long, you throw yourself out of balance,” says Wylde. “In effect, you become noradrenaline deficient.”

You’re burnt out.

A better solution for more energy

Suntheanine improves your focus, makes you alert, and returns you to a more balanced and clearer you,” states Wylde. He advises viewers to limit their caffeine intake to 200 to 300 mgs a day. “And look for beverages and supplements that contain Suntheanine. Human clinical trials show Suntheanine to promote a calm, alert, focused state without drowsiness.”