Why re-formulated energy products have a clear advantage

Why re-formulated energy products have a clear advantage

America is tired and stressed. Our lack of energy has created a booming industry for energy products, but it’s one that some experts say needs refinement. “Many of my patients have a history of getting too little sleep, too few micronutrients, and have exposure to too many toxins,” says Bryce Wylde, alternative health expert and medical advisor on The Dr. Oz Show. He adds that these on-the-go patients are also not exercising enough.

Sound familiar? As a fix, Wylde says his patients also admit to using stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks. “Energy drinks appeal to the needs of athletes and those who want more vigor. The idea is to supplement what their busy lifestyles require,” says Wylde.

Wylde has some stern advice for the energy product industry.

Why “energy” needs to be re-defined, re-packaged and re-delivered

“We need to get away from such terms as ‘boost’, ‘pumped’ or ‘jacked’. These states are notoriously experienced as a quick peak and a hard crash,” cautions Wylde. “Caffeine and other stimulants are packaged as synonymous with energy. They work to stimulate our nervous system, having us believe that we’re actually more alert and determined than we really are. Caffeine and other stimulants certainly give you that jolt, but they don’t deliver on the long-lasting focus and energy we truly desire.”

Wylde states that 200 to 300 mg of caffeine daily is okay, but higher doses can cause sleep disorders, anxiety, panic attacks and heart palpitations. Over time, consuming too much caffeine may also impair learning and memory.

He says that, “Any product promoting energy needs to be re-packaged and re-formulated to contain ingredients that help folks experience a calm, focused and alert state of attention. A unique, experiential ingredient called Suntheanine is changing the landscape of the energy category. You can have a product stand out and deliver calm, focused, stable energy and attention. Using Suntheanine, you can create a new formulation or a new product that offers the clear advantage of enhanced mental clarity. Suntheanine is supported by extensive clinical research, unparalleled safety and a well-defined consumer brand recognition. Differentiate your product with Suntheanine: a safe and effective ingredient that single-handedly re-defines energy.”