Suntheanine helps with pets’ anxieties as well

Suntheanine helps with pets’ anxieties as well

Doorbells and strangers and car rides: oh my! Your dog’s fear of thunderstorms, or your cat’s panic at just the sight of his carrier, can be more than frustrating. Anxious pets can be destructive to themselves and your home. Veterinarians often suggest a combination of behavior modification and giving your pet something to calm their nerves, such as a chewable nutritional supplement that contains Suntheanine. It is available in Smelly Dog Calming and Anxitane, nutritional supplements that have been thoroughly tested for safety.

Many owners prefer an alternative approach using Suntheanine to a prescription sedative such as acepromazine, which can leave a pet feeling groggy and unsteady long after the source of their anxiety has passed. During times of increased stress, it is even safe to increase the dosage of one of these Suntheanine-based products (see label instructions).

The key is to give your pets the Suntheanine chewable before their agitation from situational stress starts to peak. That means giving it to your dog about 30 minutes before the first trick-or-treaters start ringing the doorbell. Likewise, give it to your cat about a half hour before you bring out the cat carrier that signals a trip to the vet. This gives the Suntheanine time to start soothing your pet’s brain waves before their adrenaline “fight or flight” response kicks in.

Consider trying Suntheanine either by itself, or in conjunction with other behavioral tactics, for such anxiety-related behaviors as:
● Car sickness: This may be helpful for cats and dogs who get so nervous about car rides that they pace and/or vomit.
● Fear of visitors coming into your home: If family is coming for the holidays, consider stocking up on Suntheanine to help smooth the transition to a busier household.
● Storm or thunderphobia: Offer a dose as soon as the skies start to darken so your pet is already feeling calmer before the first thunder clap happens.
● Fear of fireworks: Keep your pets safely indoors and more relaxed with Suntheanine.
● Separation anxiety: Suntheanine is a good tool to use as an adjunct to other behavior modification techniques and strategies including crating.
● Fear of vet visits: Your vet may thank you for bringing in a calmer pet.
● Tension due to environmental changes: Moving into a new home may be stressful.

That “focus” that Suntheanine helps promote in people? It also works with pets, better enabling you to re-direct their attention away from the stressor and to something more positive such as a favorite chew toy.