Tap into your inner child to enjoy the holidays with less stress

The holiday countdown has begun. From planning Halloween costumes to preparing the Thanksgiving meal and completing the gift shopping … the holidays may seem a lot like a race. We keep our eyes on the finish line, or in this case the calendar. On January 1, we can kick back and relax. This year, here are some ideas for staying in the moment and enjoying the season with less stress.

Kids look forward to the holidays with such wonder and excitement. As adults, we may not be able to regain all of that youthful joy, but we can use children as our role models for easing some of the seasonal tension.
● Take a dance break. Crank up the music and dance by yourself or with the kids. Movement is a great way to burn off stress, it is great exercise and you can be as silly as you want to be in the privacy of your living room.
● Try not to take yourself too seriously. Children love it when their antics make others laugh. Dress up in a comical costume on Halloween and try to bring a smile to the faces of as many people as possible. If you have no Halloween plans and expect few trick-or-treaters, walk around the nearest indoor mall.
● Reward yourself for good behavior. Slip off to a quiet place, put your feet up and sip a hot cup of green tea before heading out to a holiday party. Prior to fighting the mall crowds, enjoy a mint, chocolate or supplement made with Suntheanine. It will help you stay calm and focused as you navigate the department store displays.
● Go outside and play. Even a 15-20 minute break can feel rejuvenating. Take the dog for a brisk morning walk before the guests arrive hungry for turkey. Challenge the kids or your spouse to an outdoor game. The goal is to fill your lungs with invigorating fresh air.
● Suspend disbelief. Lose yourself in a classic holiday movie. Try to remember how you felt when you watched that same film as a child. Embrace the magic of the season, even if it’s only for 90 minutes.
● Recreate your favorite holiday memories from your childhood. Remember that scents are powerful memory triggers. The cinnamon aroma of a hot apple pie, even if it comes frozen in a box, might make you feel relaxed because it reminds you of grandma, who spent hours baking wonderful treats this time of year.

The less time you spend feeling stressed this holiday season, the more time you’ll have to make new memories that you’ll cherish well into the future.

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