These Fox San Diego viewers may sleep better while on spring break

These Fox San Diego viewers may sleep better while on spring break

We all want to be at our very best, especially when traveling. Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos, appeared on San Diego’s Fox 5 with easy remedies that help manage health problems common during spring break. The health author suggests including Suntheanine in your travel kit. This supplement helps promote calming relaxation and improves your sleep quality. It’s ideal when traveling as it won’t cause the next-day fog typical of medicated sleep aids.

Traveling between time zones, and even Daylight Savings Time, can be hard on your body. Torkos said, “Even just changing one hour can really impact sleep quality.” Worrying about an upcoming trip or what you’re missing at home can also affect your sleep patterns. Torkos offered a solution: “This is a clinically studied form of an amino acid. It’s called Suntheanine. It makes you feel more calm, more relaxed and improves your sleep quality.” Torkos explained that the remedy is also non-drowsy. “So it’s not going to knock you out the next day. “

Suntheanine comes in both capsules and chewable tablets, and acts fast. “It works in about 30 minutes or so,” said Torkos. The chewable form of Suntheanine contains 100 mg of L-theanine in a naturally flavored tablet. “And unlike a lot of these sedative drugs, it’s non-addictive,” Torkos added. “So I love this. It’s a great product to take when you are traveling.”

Suntheanine helps ease the tension of traveling with kids

Traveling with children can be stressful, for both the parents and the kids. “This is a good remedy to take to help take that edge off — the stress and anxiety – especially if you are a nervous traveler,” said Torkos. “And these chewable Suntheanine tablets can be taken by children eight and above.”

Suntheanine is a patented pure form of L-theanine. This amino acid can help alleviate the daytime fatigue, poor concentration and irritability often associated with jet lag. In use since 1994, there are no indications of adverse reactions or contraindications.