Taylor Swift includes L-theanine as one of her Top 30 before 30

Taylor Swift includes L-theanine as one of her Top 30 before 30

When Taylor Swift mentions a product, millions of people take notice! So, when TSwift
wrote in Elle magazine:

“I take L-theanine, which is a natural supplement to help with stress and anxiety,” it was just the beginning of the conversation.


A mere days later, journalist JR Thorpe gave her readers a more thorough explanation of L-theanine’s benefits. “L-theanine isn’t a new thing,” Thorpe wrote in Bustle, an online American women’s magazine. But she added that with Swift touting its effects, more people were bound to wonder about its benefits. She told readers that L-theanine has, “been the target of a lot of scientific interest because it seems to have many positive effects on human health.”

Much of the clinical research has been conducted using Suntheanine, because it is a patented pure form of L-theanine that is consistent from batch-to-batch. Suntheanine is safe and FDA GRAS Affirmed (Generally Recognized as Safe) since 2007, based on numerous favorable toxicology and efficacy studies.

Thorpe explained that most readers probably ingest L-theanine regularly. “It’s an amino acid most commonly found in both green and black teas,” she wrote. She then cites highlights of the research on L-theanine. “Green tea in particular is meant to be calming, and it’s theorized that L-theanine may be the reason why.”

Among the potential benefits noted in the Bustle article, L-theanine has been studied for its ability to lower stress levels and relax the mind without inducing drowsiness. That means it can be used during the day.

In this published review summarizing numerous L-theanine studies, Theertham P. Rao, Ph.D. (whose work was mentioned in the Bustle article) wrote: “It induces relaxation within 30 minutes after oral intake by generating alpha brain waves, an indication of a relaxed but alert state of mind.” And when combined with caffeine, L-theanine may even help with alertness.

In his review, Rao further noted: “L-theanine prepared through an enzymatic \ process (Suntheanine) has been thoroughly investigated for various physiological functions including relaxation, relief from stress, relief from premenstrual symptoms, recovery from physical stress, and improvement in cognitive performance.”

Suntheanine can found in hundreds of products worldwide. Just look on the label to confirm you are consuming the most-researched form of L-theanine, Suntheanine. If you’re interested in learning more about how L-theanine might help you, there are links to more than scientific studies on Suntheanine.com.