Suntheanine may help patients cope with stress

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is stressful, and treatment often adds to that anxiety. The integrative experts at Five to Thrive have recommended Suntheanine for to help cope with stress. In an article appearing on the website and in an e-newsletter the editors wrote: “There seems to be no end to the health benefits found in a cup of green tea. One of them is the sense of calm it can bring—not just because of the act of slowing down and sipping, but also because it contains a soothing amino acid, L-theanine. In supplement form, L-theanine is even more powerful, making it a popular stress reliever. One of the most studied forms of L-theanine is a branded ingredient known as Suntheanine.” The article also does a nice job summarizing the substantiating science, and concluding that “L-theanine may be a good part of an overall wellness and heart disease prevention plan—particularly in people who are under increased mental and emotional stress.” The editors categorized Suntheanine’s stress-reduction benefits under two of their Five to Thrive pillars for cancer prevention: Utilize Dietary Supplements and Create Rejuvenation.

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