Huffington Post praises relaxation drinks containing L-theanine

Relaxation drinks that help you feel refreshed and relaxed are a fast-growing segment of the functional beverage market. A significant amount of clinical research data suggests that Suntheanine, a patented form of L-theanine, is one of the most effective stress reducing ingredients available. So when O Magazine staffers put several brands to the test, we were not surprised to learn that their top three picks included Just Chill, which is made with Suntheanine. Their results appeared in a Huffington Post article.

Unlike the other two brands  highlighted in the article, Just Chill with Suntheanine was the only one that offered relaxation without drowsiness. So you can enjoy it at the peak of a busy day. As the O staff editor who tested it commented, “I was expecting to feel sleepy, but instead my productivity spiked, and I felt far more attuned to the task at hand.”