Natural health expert is a huge Suntheanine proponent

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Leading integrative and functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS, is popular for his ability to blend the latest in science and technology with traditional and ancient remedies. The author of multiple best-sellers recently appeared on the Joyous Health podcast to share his advice for “Hacking Your Way to Optimal Health.”  

Fast forward to the 10:30 mark to hear why Wylde makes Suntheanine a part of daily routine. “It improves focus, concentration, alertness and better sleep,” he says. “I’m a huge proponent!” He gave his personal account of how Suntheanine improves his life. “If I discontinue it because I go on vacation and forget to bring it, my levels of focus, alertness and concentration – even sleep – diminish.” 

Why does Wylde specify Suntheanine? 

“I’m the guy who is all about the ingredients, not the brand. If a brand carries what I call the “intel inside” … the ingredient(s) substantiated with scientific literature … then I’m all about it,” he explains. “The ingredient folks have to look for is Suntheanine. (It is backed) by well over 80 clinical trials.” He tells the audience that there are clinical trials demonstrating that Suntheanine helps improve sleep in children with ADHD

“When I’m interested in an ingredient, the other thing I often do is put boots on the ground by heading to a particular raw material’s manufacturer that supplies the consumer-facing brands.” In Suntheanine’s case, he traveled to Taiyo’s headquarters in Japan to observe how it is made.  

Part of his experience involved joining monks on a 5-day fast, during which they consumed a lot of green tea (which has high concentrations of theanine). “That ultimately will improve your focus, alertness and concentration. Most of the things that do this are stimulants. But theanine is also a relaxant,” he observed. 

Wylde stated, “Theanine is a very interesting ingredient. If you take Suntheanine with your coffee, you probably won’t feel the jitteriness associated with caffeine. It’s almost like biohacking your way into a cup of superdosed green tea.” 


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