Great advice on choosing supplements, using Suntheanine as an example

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August 19, 2014

Here’s an interview you’ll want to share with anyone who takes a vitamin or nutritional supplement. Steve Lankford, host of, recently interviewed NutriScience Innovation’s Julie Thibeau about why it’s important to choose scientifically validated nutritional supplement brands. An expert in L-theanine, Thibeau used Suntheanine as an example.

“When choosing a product to try, there are several things to consider,” Lankford pointed out. “Has this product been tested for safety and effectiveness? Has this product been shown to be effective for my particular issue? How much is the right amount? How long do I take it?” He advised his audience to choose products that are supported by proven science. “Suntheanine has been shown to be very effective for stress anxiety, mood disorders and sleep problems,” he wrote in his post-interview column.

During the 30-minute interview, Lankford skillfully took Thibeau through Suntheanine’s story to help the audience understand why choosing the branded ingredient that was used in the research makes sense. It’s the one scientists used to get the good results. Other brands may promise those same results, but they may not be produced to the same exacting quality specifications and may therefore not yield the same benefits.

Thibeau pointed out that all research on the health benefits of L-theanine (a list of studies that is seven pages long, single spaced) has been done using the Suntheanine brand. “This is why we can have confidence in a nutrient,” commented Lankford enthusiastically.

Thibeau then outlined each of Suntheanine’s proven benefits, including its ability to give people a feeling of relaxation without drowsiness within 30-40 minutes of consumption. That means that you can operate heavy machinery, drive a car and go on with your daily life with an overall feeling of relaxation, as well as increased focus and attention. She also described Suntheanine as a safe and effective way to improve sleep and reduce stress.

In his recap of the interview, Lankford explained some of the primary differences between Suntheanine and other L-theanine products. Suntheanine is a patented pure form of L-theanine produced via patented enzymatic process. This is one reason why Suntheanine is very safe. Unlike other theanine products on the market, there are no chemicals such as chloroform, used in its production. Thibeau stated that it has been marketed in the U.S. since 1999 and there have no reports of adverse side effects.

While most people get results from taking 50 to 200 mg, Thibeau said that it’s perfectly okay to take more.

She also reassured Lankford that Suntheanine doesn’t build up in the system. Within 24 hours, it’s completely excreted from the body. “So it’s only working while you’re taking it,” she said. She also pointed out that there is no tolerance build up. Once you find a dosage that works well for you, you will get the same benefits from the same dose the next time.

Lankford has interviewed more than 450 of the nutrition and health industry’s most esteemed experts. His cutting-edge podcasts on now number more than 1,000.

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