Dietitian helps radio listeners develop better sleep habits

Is the summer heat draining your energy? Getting better sleep is a start, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Registered dietitian and exercise physiologist Dr. Felicia Stoler joined One Life Radio hosts for an interview in which she recommended Suntheanine and other tips to help Texas radio listeners get a good night’s sleep.

Stoler encouraged living an active lifestyle, but acknowledged that working out later in the day can leave you feeling wired at bedtime. “If it’s too late, it’s a little too difficult to get your body to calm down,” she said. However, if your job or other schedule conflicts mean that you either workout in the evening or not at all, Suntheanine can help you relax. Suntheanine is a patented and proven form of the amino acid L-theanine.

“You can take that and it can [help to] provide you with alertness, but calmness … So that you do sleep better and you can relax,” Stoler clarified. Suntheanine promotes alpha brain waves, which can also be achieved during deep meditation. It lowers beta brain wave production (responsible for alert and excited states), so instead of knocking you out, it encourages your body to relax.

Stoler also wanted people to be aware of the state of their bedrooms and to create environments that promote good sleep hygiene. “[Make] sure that all electronics are turned off in your bedroom, that it’s dark, that there [are] no extra sounds that might be bothering you,” she advised. “[Create] a good environment for you to get those good zzz’s that we talk about.”

Suntheanine may have other positive effects on the body, including minimizing stress, which can also make it hard for you to feel rested. More information can be found at This interview aired on both The Answer and iHeartRadio.