Radio audiences hear how to avoid sleep aid side effects

Baby boomers fighting insomnia because they have trouble relaxing should try Suntheanine before reaching for over-the-counter medications. “Pharmaceutical products, the prescription sleep aids, [are] addictive. They can affect your short-term memory and cause next-day drowsiness,” holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos said during a 2BoomerBabes interview. “Even the over-the-counter products [can] contain antihistamine ingredients and for people [who] are 50 plus, sometimes there can be interactions with medications. You can get side effects of dry eyes and dry mouth.” Torkos said that melatonin is only good for people when they travel to time zones or do shift work. For others, she suggested supplementing with Suntheanine. “It’s a patented amino acid that helps to promote calming and makes you feel more relaxed. … It’s helpful for people [who] have difficulty falling asleep because maybe they have a busy mind or they have difficulty shutting down in the evening.” This interview aired on Sirius XM and Radio America.

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