Stress-free transitioning into your family’s fall schedule

It’s already back-to-school time. And along with that comes the stress of changing schedules. Fall sports will start up soon. In his recent blog, certified personal fitness instructor Johnny Gillespie warns: “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” Transitioning doesn’t have to be stressful. Having a good plan, a good communications strategy and remembering to stay in the moment will help you survive the changes that are about to happen.

Gillespie writes that, “Things go a little nutty around our house this time of year. My wife and I will start getting up earlier because we don’t want to be frantic in the mornings. We try to sit down in the evening, over a cup of green tea, and discuss our schedules. “Who is picking up the kids?” “Don’t forget I’m working next weekend.” The better you communicate – especially when schedules are in transition – the less stress you’ll have in your relationship.”

His advice includes getting enough rest, get moving and get focused.
Get enough rest: When you change your morning schedule, you really notice if you didn’t sleep well the night before. Gillespie says that he is a list maker. “It helps to move things from spinning around in my mind to a piece of paper.” For those times when you need some additional help settling your mind, he suggests trying Suntheanine. “It helps to improve the quality of your sleep, so you’ll be more prepared to cope with the stress that comes with the season.”
Get moving: It sometimes takes time to establish a new routine. “More often than not, exercise is one of the first activities that goes away,” cautions Gillespie. “Don’t let that happen because it’s hard to re-establish the habit. The kids may go back to school after Labor Day, but it’s common for some parents not to find their way back into the gym until January!” Fitness is not expendable.
Get focused: Gillespie admonishes his own children to, “chill out and calm down.” A good way to do that is to stay in the moment. In the mornings, let the kids get dressed, have breakfast, brush their teeth and only then, if there’s time, turn on the TV. That way, there’s no disconnect with reality.

Adults, that’s a good lesson for you too. If you’ve ever pulled your car into the driveway but can’t remember the drive home, then you need a refresher course about living in the now. Suntheanine also helps with focus and concentration, without making you drowsy. So if you find yourself stressed and out of sorts, it might be just what you need to steer your day back on track.

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