This might change your current relationship with coffee

This might change your current relationship with coffee

June 28, 2022

Discovering the benefits of taking Suntheanine with your coffee may cause you to think differently about this iconic beverage. This must-have combination may change your morning coffee routine because it delivers more than just an energy boost. And if you’re a coffee avoider because of the caffeine, it may even transform you into a coffee lover. 

Understanding nootropics

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers. They are nutrients that have a positive impact on your mental acuity. 

Suntheanine, which is 100% pure L-theanine, is a safe, clinically proven nootropic. It gives you a mental advantage by helping improve accuracy and concentration. This makes it an ideal supplement for multi-taskers. Keep it on hand whenever it’s important to be in a relaxed, calm and highly alert state of mind.  

Caffeine is another common nootropic. It helps improve thinking skills. But consuming too much caffeine may have the opposite effect. It may make concentration and focus difficult. Thankfully, there’s no need to give up caffeine entirely. 

Simply combine it with Suntheanine. Caffeine and Suntheanine work in different parts of the brain: caffeine on the ‘do the work’ and stimulation beta sensor, and Suntheanine on the ‘calming’ ‘alert’ and ‘focus’ alpha sensor. 

Get more benefits from your coffee experience 

Coffee helps people get going in the morning and helps keep them going later in the day. But high doses of caffeine can lead to jitters, stress, dizziness or nausea. This may also happen if you’re simply more sensitive to caffeine than other people. Suntheanine naturally smoothes out the negative effects of caffeine. 

Even better, taking Suntheanine safely adds to your coffee experience. 

  • Research has shown that a 1:2 ratio of caffeine to Suntheanine may improve focus, attention, mental clarity and mood. The average cup of coffee has 100 mg of caffeine. 
  • Adding Suntheanine to caffeine improves reaction time, which gamers and sport enthusiasts find especially attractive.  
  • Caffeine acts as a powerful stimulant, boosting energy and exciting brain activity. Suntheanine balances out the activating effects, fueling a calmer, more controlled and accurate performance.
  • Suntheanine also decreases beta brain wave formation. Beta waves naturally increase when you drink coffee or some energy drinks. Too many beta waves may lead to stress and over-excitement, which may make concentration and focus difficult.

So, whether you prefer K-Cups, a French press, cold brew or drive-through, your affection for coffee may go up several notches once you experience your favorite brew with the added benefits of Suntheanine. 

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