Emotional eating: Take charge of your waistline

emotional eating

September 26, 2014

Fall can be precarious for people who struggle with emotional eating. The lighter summer fruits and vegetables are becoming scarce, replaced by heavier, high-calorie comfort foods. Soon, they’ll be joined by all those tempting holiday treats. Here are some practical ideas for curbing your emotional eating before your clothes start getting too tight.

Emotional eating may have many components, ranging from life-long habits to opportunity (it’s in the fridge and you certainly don’t want it to spoil!). There’s no magic “will power” pill, but there are tactics that may gradually reduce the number of times you head to the kitchen for a snack each day.

● Get sufficient, good-quality sleep every night. Fatigue, much like alcohol, can lower your inhibitions. You may simply feel too tired to say “no” to your food cravings. Or, you may turn to sugar for temporary energy when what you really need is a nap. Try taking Suntheanine about 30 minutes before bedtime. It will help to relax your mind so that you can get a better night’s rest. Another good sleep hygiene tip is to sleep in a cool, quiet and dark room.
● Crush your stress-related cravings. Stress is a known factor in compulsive eating. It’s one reason why people stare into an open refrigerator, looking for something that might help to quiet their emotions. Because Suntheanine reduces nervous tension without causing drowsiness, it might be a better alternative to polishing off the leftover lasagna.
● Go for a brisk walk. Exercise has been shown to improve mood, energy and metabolism. It also helps to fight boredom, diverting your attention away from whatever tasty treat is calling to you from the kitchen counter.
● Increase your fiber intake. That feeling of “I could eat a little something right now” may be because you aren’t getting your daily fiber requirement. (That’s an issue for many Americans.) Fiber fills you up. That’s the reason why it may be easier for you to eat three slices of chocolate cream pie but not the same amount of cauliflower. One daily serving of Sunfiber provides six grams of fiber, and helps you feel fuller for longer. Research has also demonstrated that it helps with blood glucose management.
● Nibble on something decadent. Total deprivation rarely works. Instead, take a bite of whatever food is tempting you, then wait 10 to 15 minutes. That may be enough time for your brain to tell your stomach that it’s satisfied.

Gaining control over emotional eating can be a process. One strategy may be sufficient, but it may also take a combination of several tactics before you start to develop new and healthier habits.

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