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Finally, some promising news for boys diagnosed with ADHD who have chronic sleep problems.

Researchers say Suntheanine may improve sleep quality, and works even if your child is taking stimulant medication. When children with ADHD can’t sleep night after night, the results can be frustrating for the entire family: the poor school performance … the missed classes … the hyperactive behavior … the problems with moodiness. If only he […]

Stay focused, stay alive!

By Cathleen London, M.D., P.C. Board Certified Family Medicine Physician Runners, bicyclists and even walkers who let their minds wander may put themselves in harm’s way. When we run or bicycle for any length of time, it is easy for our minds to wander. If we are out on the streets in the early morning, […]

Planning to race in a spring marathon?

By Cathleen London, M.D., P.C. Board Certified Family Medicine Physician Here are tips for first-timers on using your time wisely this winter. I clearly remember the excitement of training for my first marathon and triathlon. It was thrilling to set — and ultimately surpass — my performance goals. Racing is a great way to get […]

It’s expensive for your child to play sports. You should be paying for more than a chance for them to have fun.

Sports performance consultant says it’s not if you win or lose, it’s the lessons you should be learning from playing. Most parents encourage their children to become involved with sports because they believe athletics help build character as well as physical fitness. But is that what’s really happening? When the coach pumps the team with […]