Drink it in.

Differentiate Your Next Beverage With Suntheanine

The Suntheanine brand delivers a unique experiential ingredient supported by an extensive body of clinical research, unparalleled safety support, numerous international patents, and consumer brand recognition.
Bring more focus and attention to your next beverage
leafSuntheanine can help your next beverage stand out among the competition. How? Our premium L-theanine is superior in delivering focus and clarity without the negative effects of caffeine. So rather than being a "me too" energy drink, you can be at the forefront of the demand for "focused energy" beverages.

See Energy Drinks Differently

Does your energy drink
improve focus without the negative side effects of caffeine?* It can.
What if you elevated your customers' experience by promoting a sense of calm?* It's possible.
An energy drink that helps consumers enhance mental clarity?* A clear advantage.

Tested & Proven

Clinical trials show Suntheanine promotes an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness.
20 Years of Success
20 Years
of Success
Since 1994, Suntheanine has been safely consumed in beverages, foods and supplements.

Easy to Incorporate
Easy to
An easy ingredient to incorporate, Suntheanine, is odorless, colorless, tasteless and stable.

Suntheanine has GRAS affirmation with a Letter of No Objection by the U.S. FDA and regulatory approval in Canada and other countries.