Suntheanine Sets the Standard in Supplements

With extensive clinical research, unparalleled safety support, numerous international patents, and consumer brand recognition, you can trust Suntheanine to consistently meet the high quality standards your supplements demand.
Did you know…
that more and more consumers recognize the Suntheanine brand and look for it by name? That's just one of the many reasons why supplement companies are redirecting their focus away from low cost ingredients and concentrating on high quality, proven safety and brand reputation.
20 Years of Success
20 Years
of Success
Since 1994, Suntheanine has been safely consumed in beverages, foods and supplements.

Suntheanine has GRAS affirmation with a Letter of No Objection by the U.S. FDA and regulatory approval in Canada and other countries.

Suntheanine Boosts Big Brands

Currently in hundreds of products, some of the biggest names in supplements, trust Suntheanine to meet their high standards of quality.
Top Brands Choose Suntheanine
Suntheanine is currently formulated into many of the top national supplement brands.